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Simple Steps You Can Take Right Before The Bomb Cyclone Hits

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The storm season brings with it many opportunities to expose any weaknesses in your home’s structure, which is why the snow storm experts at 911 Restoration of Southern Maryland are so well equipped to remediate all damaged caused by blizzards.

Not only are we licensed, bonded and insured to renovate your home after it has been damaged, we are trained to repair the cause of the problem right at the source.

Our technicians always respond to any storm-related job within 45 minutes or less, not matter what time you call or how bad the bomb cyclone may be raging outside. When it comes to storm disasters, our blizzard damage eradication unit is available 24/7/365 to implement same day services, so you never have to wait long for help.

We want to make sure you are safe and warm during this massive East Coast storm, so call 911 Restoration of Southern Maryland the moment you discover blizzard damage in your household.

Quick Actions To Take Right Before The Bomb Cyclone Hits

A storm like the bomb cyclone seems to appear out of nowhere and can have a great impact on an area in a very short amount of time. Temperatures drop drastically within 24 hours and high winds and heavy snowfall are generated.

Even with a short amount of time to prepare for a storm of this magnitude, there are some steps you can take to stay safe and informed throughout the blizzard. Listen to the local media to stay up to date on the latest information regarding the storm and how it is impacting your community. This can be as easy as going on twitter or watching the local news.

Make sure the emergency kit in your home is filled with all the necessary items and replace anything that is not there, such as medicine. Also, keep extra gallons water stored in your home.

If you don’t have a central heating system and use an alternative source, such as a fireplace or wood/coal burning stove, check to see that you have enough heating fuel to get you through the brunt of the storm. If you use space heaters make sure they are working properly.

Locate the fire extinguisher in your home and tell everyone in property where it is kept. It is not unlikely for fires to occur during a storm and you need to be prepared for it.

If you find yourself dealing with any storm damages during the bomb cyclone you can also rely on 911 Restoration of Southern Maryland to assist you throughout the entire ordeal.

You Can Count On Us To Help You Through The Snow Storm

After you have been through a snow storm, it is important that you have a support system that you can trust, which is exactly what our blizzard damage restoration technicians will provide you with.

Customer service is something 911 Restoration of Southern Maryland takes very seriously, which is why we hold ourselves up to the highest of standards when it comes to assisting home and business owners. Our remediation unit wants you to feel taken care of when we arrive and we hope that as soon as we get on the scene you can feel a sense of security.

We will help you with everything, from the complete renovation of your home to assisting you with your insurance claim. In fact, we will complete the whole claim for you, including submitting all the information needed to get you proper coverage.

Call 911 Restoration of Southern Maryland today and we will work hard to get you the most affordable snow storm damage remediation prices in the industry.

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