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Design thrives on topic Breakouts, Improving, and Inspiration

Published by Resource on May 6, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

A well designed home is a happy home, so if your home is anything less than inspiring, consider some of these suggestions to help you find a brighter side to your dwelling.

Breakdown your Bedroom

Another focal point of function in your home, the bedroom often offers many interior design opportunities. Consider using the same theme throughout the entire house for a more unified, spilled design. If you have a master bedroom, designate the master as your primary room. It can become the primary living space, and though a dualistic arrangement is possible, bringing those two rooms together in one by using a color or a theme will make everything seem larger, and unburdened as a serviceable stabilized theme. If you have two adjoining rooms, why not designate one as a space for work? Or better yet, designate an area of the first floor that can become a study for the resident(s) of the second room. This area becomes a perfect workspace for a budding author or painter.

Break Down your Kitchen

A well designed kitchen should blend seamlessly with you and respect the space you have allowed for your cooking needs. Many kitchens lack a design scheme that flows together, leading you to block out other areas of the room from view. Design a counter that combines the dinner preparation area and the cooking space with a loss of accordance in style and color. Or divvy up your food preparation area with your craft center, microwave, and buffet. Designing a hybrid of spaces is not only visually appealing, but it will save you space as well.

Neutralize Your Wall Coverings

Most interior design designers are unaccredited; they assume their clients are a natural fit for their wardrobes, living rooms, or draperies. They believe that wall color can be the most powerful element in the space, and that the walls should speak “too much” about what the room is all about. This is an outdated and rigid view of what design should be when following color.

The truth is that lighter colors make a space appear more airy and expansive, darker colors appear more close- grilled and cluttered. Think about it like this: light colors seem to reflect light rather than absorb it. This means that if you use big/dark themes together, the effect will be to absorb the light and make the space feel smaller, which when hung on the walls makes the average sized room feel almost claustrophobic.

Pick a color pallet and scheme that works for the size of your space and your home over color. Understand your daily and space-related needs as well as your image and the functions of the room your working with. This will allow you to be drawn to a color greater than the simple dark or light colors you’ve become accustomed to.

Make Your Space “Go Natural”

It’s time to de-clutter if you haven’t yet. Books and magazines should be organized by subject and titles. This gives you a clear way to track what you’ve read, which allows you to seek out the next piece and plan a bookdate at a later date. Books and magazines have a natural structure that feels organized to the touch no matter what type of cover you choose.

If you feel that your walls need brightening, think about adding mirrors as well as see-through elements in your décor. The use of a mirror separates the darker, deeper colors present in the surroundings from the bright areas that reflect light.

Another way to add a sense of depth to the walls is to place sculptures or works of art on them. Be careful with the scale of these works of art, and go beyond the usual home accessories such as card holders, wall clocks, or plants that you already use to create some depth on the walls.

In the end, the point of interior decorating is not to fill our living spaces with swiveling glass shapes at the expense of our eyes. Instead, we are challenged to use our available space as the best way for us to represent not only our personality, but also the world at large.

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